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You’re invited! Now what? Dealing with summer soirees

Work, weddings, barbecues and other summer soirees; the invitations seem to come in fast and furious this time of year. So, do you have to attend just because you’re invited? And more than that, do you have to bring a gift or give a speech? And while we’re at it, when can you beg off?

Personal Finance

The answer to ‘What is the single most effective piece of financial advice you’ve ever received?’

One colleague gave me the most effective piece of financial advice, look at the fund's Expense Ratio. The expense ratio does not include the cost of buying a fund. This expense is referred to the sales load fee, and is a one-time event.

Job search

How to identify your potential boss’s managing style before you accept a job

While you’re likely to find out what kind of leader your boss is after your first few days in the office, it doesn’t help to discover their managing style isn’t compatible with you after you started. If only you could know these things beforehand … oh wait, you can!


3 ways to stop panicking when you have a high-stress boss

We've all been there: your manager walks by and you panic. Your manager intimidates your while giving feedback...and you want to sink into the floor. You hope you don't have to make small talk with them in an elevator on your way out.

7 military principles you should apply to your business strategy

There is a saying that 20% of businesses in every industry take in 80% of the earnings. I believe this is because they have a time-tested business strategy that encompasses each of the following basic principles, which are based on the ideas of the renowned Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz and incorporated in the U.S. Army Field Manual of Military Operations.

Cover Letter

4 ways you’re killing your cover letter

We've all messed up a cover letter by using specific words and phrases— here's what else has most likely happened to you, and why you shouldn't even think about going down these paths.

How To

Here’s how to turn that complaint into action

Instead of venting just to vent, a new article in Harvard Business Review shows us how we can channel the energy behind a complaint into productive action.


How to deal with your significant other losing their job

When my husband lost his supposedly stable job (just a casual two months before our wedding), we went through one of the roughest patches of our relationship — most of it being my fault.

Words at Work

7 words that make you sound passive aggressive at work

Refrain from using these seven stereotypically passive-aggressive words when interacting with people at work, and you can avoid unnecessary and unproductive tension in the office.

How To

The ultimate guide to crafting your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30- to 60-second statement composed of your job experience, aspirations and what you can do for a company. It’s not easy to distill both your best traits and how you can help a future workplace into a short pitch, which is why it’s important to work on.


How to talk to children about losing your job

Getting fired or laid off can feel awful — which is why talking about it with your children can be an extremely sensitive situation. Here's how to do it.

Office Life

Why we fall for fake experts and how to watch out for them

It is too easy to be duped by charlatans in your office. They may look like experts, they may talk like experts, but when you take a deeper look, you realize that there is nothing of substance going on there.

Personal Branding

How to promote yourself without feeling fake

When I started my career, I thought it was enough to put my head down and just do good work. I quickly learned, however, that this wasn’t the case. My contribution was not always clear to leadership, or worse, others took credit for my work. To succeed, I had to start putting myself forward and speaking up, even when I felt uncomfortable.


How to focus on your work before taking a big vacation

Packing, flights and last-minute changes to the itinerary are all part of going on a big vacation, but factors like these can make it hard to get work done. Here's how to focus on work before going away.

The Whole Human

6 victim mentalities to fight during your job search

You need to recast yourself as the hero of your career journey, while remaining honest with yourself, and lead your job search in a positive and proactive direction. Realize that you can take charge of your career journey, rather than playing into these six victim mentalities.


4 ways to finally carve out more time for reading

You might love reading the news on your commute, but if not, chances are, you've hit a rough patch where you've had no time to read for fun. Here's how to finally make time for leisure reading again.

Office Life

How to manage your boss – and yes, it’s a thing

If you’re a working adult (of any age!), you’re probably used to managing your own schedule, priorities, and workload. But have you ever thought about the need to manage your boss / manager? Because believe it or not, it’s a real thing and it’s referred to in business management as managing up.

Job search

How to ask for a referral, and the template you should use

There are a million ways to mess up when you ask someone for a referral for a job or for someone else — especially if you don't know how well the two people know each other. Here's what to keep in mind.

Mental Health

How to talk about therapy in the workplace

In honor of National Mental Health Awareness month, take the advice of Los Angeles-based psychologist Yvonne Thomas, Ph.D., on how to bring up this all-too-important discussion with your higher-ups.


How to practice gratitude without saying one word

Non-verbal communication, gestures and actions, also play a crucial role in practicing and expressing gratitude. Here’s how.


5 ways to share a story that won’t make listeners’ eyes glaze over

Do you ramble, ramble and ramble on until you get to the point? How many times have you started telling a story, only to watch a listener or crowd lose interest and start checking their phone intermittently? Here's how to get better at storytelling.


How to make your allergies more bearable at work

For those of us afflicted with seasonal allergies, springtime not only gifts us with rain showers and bright flowers but also with presents that we would rather return to sender. We may be walking around the office with itchy eyes, runny noses, and stuffy lungs that are distracting us from getting any work done.


5 tips to unlock your unlimited earning potential

If you want to unlock your unlimited earning potential, you have to make some bold steps. Just being good at your job is unfortunately not enough, you need the guts to make tough calls, like leaving your job and starting your own business or starting a side hustle. Let the following tips help you out!


6 amazing ways to take credit for someone else’s work

The path to corporate success is paved with hard work and dedication. But how can you blaze up that path without having to pave that road? Here are 6 amazing ways to take credit for someone else’s work.


Advice for entrepreneurs from 16 people who did it themselves

Business advice from entrepreneurs, startup founders, and CEOs comes in handy. We asked 16 entrepreneurs to share some words of wisdom, based on lessons they've learned and mistakes they've made along the way.