Articles about Productivity


Chronic procrastination: 5 weird (but effective) ways you can conquer it

The 5-step checklist to get you to stop procrastinating and start being more productive.

College Graduates

The lessons most new grads have to learn in their first jobs

The lessons you learn through the challenges and struggles of simply figuring it all out will set you up for success in your first job.


How to keep going and find your breakthrough when it feels impossible

"The story of this man’s life is one of remarkable perseverance that carried him from near-death experiences to remarkable breakthroughs."

Mental Health

What is catastrophic thinking? (and how to stop)

This anxiety spiral — also known as “catastrophic thinking” or “magnifying,” — often occurs alongside anxiety and depression.

Office Life

10 tweaks to your morning routine that will transform your entire day

"The Nottingham research has led me to uncover ways we can break bad habits in the morning and maximize our energy and self-control throughout the day."


7 things in your diet that could be sabotaging your sleep

If you struggle with insomnia, striving for the right balance of these foods, drinks, and specific nutrients may help you get a good night’s rest.


This is what determines whether or not most people will become successful in life

The truth is, all excuses come back to one grand excuse, and that’s the beloved concept of time. And we all have the time.


Neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you an awesome parent

This is what science says about what’s going on in kids’ brains and what they need from you as a parent as they grow up.

The Whole Human

The two words that will lead you to success and happiness

Say yes to things and stay active — especially socializing, which makes us happier. ... Trying to do too many things is the path to mediocrity.


This executive likes to literally make her clients sweat

Many managers enjoy walk-and-talks to get employees out of the restrictions of the office and into the looser habitats of the wild.


6 tips for surviving a marathon workday

Welcome to the marathon workday. Here are six tips for surviving the longest one ever.

According to Science

How we think about introverts and solitude may be all wrong

"Under this new personality paradigm ... when you have a strong sense of self and feel in control of your life, solitude becomes an enjoyable experience."


Women (especially founders) face a 20% equity gap at work

"The research found that women make up 35% of equity-holding employees, but only hold 20% of equity. The gap gets more pronounced for female founders."


Why this ‘Big Bang Theory’ star wants to help you get your childhood dream job

Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik has never stopped learning (she has a PhD in neuroscience) and is passionate about encouraging others to do the same.


Why this powerhouse VC chose a ‘Bachelor’ to co-host her podcast for women

Jesse Draper and Ben Higgins have launched a podcast to help and highlight female founders called “Lady Bosses (and Ben)."


6 practical reasons why you are not a strong leader

"You need the fierce determination that comes from being a strong leader. Core beliefs about yourself and your abilities will guide your daily decisions."


5 phrases that have no English translation, but totally capture what you’ve always wanted to say

Here are five words that quickly and beautifully distill some very "Thrivey" concepts less elegantly rendered in English.

Morning Routine

How to feel amazing before 8 a.m.

In the first 60-120 minutes of your day, you can change your entire life.


Majority of advertising/marketing hiring managers favor a ‘compressed schedule’

In addition, 52% of hiring managers feel that work-life balance is the responsibility of both the company and individuals.

Office Life

Survey: 72% of employees think their coworkers aren’t good communicators

34% of people surveyed think that GIFs and emojis "are appropriate for workplace communication," 66% would rather give them a hard pass.


The pros and cons of abruptly quitting like Vontae Davis

The abrupt exit stunned and angered his team, providing lessons on what to do when a job becomes untenable and you feel like you need to get out — now.


People fear robots taking over jobs around the world

Only Japan (74%), Poland (52%) and Hungary (52%) said that robots performing human jobs would make economies more efficient.

Work-Life Balance

A life lesson from 30,000 feet

"Why am I following orders to fly out West? Why am I going to a conference for an industry I do not desire to stay in? Why do I take meeting after meeting?" Why am I addicted to “yes, I will?”


Why Jeff Bezos schedules all of his ‘high IQ’ meetings between 10 a.m. and noon

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a strategy for scheduling meetings – he takes important meetings around 10 a.m. and avoids meetings in the late afternoon.


You should be sleeping outdoors

Just a short bit of time can do wonders for your body, mind, and soul, and in this case you don't even have to be awake.