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What are millennials doing wrong when it comes to their careers?

Here are the major themes I notice from my millennial peers, clients, and friends who have not found success in their careers.


4 ways to be more formulaic in a good way

Adding as many formulaic activities to your professional life as possible can help with your own formula for success.


3 ways a business leader gets people to follow

Here are three ways a company leader can get people to follow, and do so without being punitive and domineering.


Best Buy’s CEO says he uses 5 criteria to decide whether someone’s a leader

As Best Buy develops its leaders, here are the most important qualifications that CEO Hubert Joly says every leader needs to meet.


How to manage up when you have a bad boss

One of the tests of being a leader is knowing how to navigate a boss who doesn’t score highly as a leader themselves. Here's the best way to do that.


Conquer distractions with this simple chart

In this Golden Age of distractions, what does it take to focus? Instead of blaming our puny attention spans, we should dig deeper to understand how certain products affect us.

Body Language

10 body language myths that limit your success

Not everything you’ve heard about body language is accurate.


4 ways to beat the bad weather blues

Spring weather may not be here yet, but that shouldn't stop you from embracing the new season.


What I learned from Sheryl Sandberg’s class on resilience

I took Sheryl Sandberg's class on resilience. Here's what it taught me that can be applied to our careers.


I worked in three different environments for a month. Here’s what I found

As a freelance writer working part-time for a content marketing agency, I have the luxury of choosing my favorite workspace.

Personal Finance

5 simple ways to spring clean your finances

Spring has sprung! The weather has become warmer, the days are longer and everything seems fresh and new.  It’s now the perfect time to have that much-needed sort out, not just of your home, but your finances too.


Here’s how much time and money you save by working remotely

Working remotely means no more expensive commutes, no more costly work uniforms, and no more $15 lunches you end up buying in a rush. Sign us up!


How to get your mind and career ready for spring

So with the first day of the new season arriving on March 20, it's the perfect time to apply your spring cleaning mentality to both your mind and career. Here are some ways to shake off the winter blues and enter spring with a new sense of passion.


How to socialize with coworkers if you are not friends

Here's how to be friendly at work and socialize with your coworkers... without necessarily becoming friends with them.


12 female best friends who started their own companies

Before you secure the, print business cards and pour your energy into a budding business, take a page from these female best friends who have already navigated the hurdles.


Is commenting on a coworker’s appearance always wrong? According to this new study, no

Are male-to-female, female-to-male, peer-to-peer, superior-to-subordinate or vice versa workplace compliments focused on looks or personal details like dress ever okay? And when do those remarks rise to actionable harassment?


How to shut down a colleague that takes credit for your work

There’s really only one sure-fire method of preventing people from taking credit for your work, and it is to preemptively, publicly, claim credit for everything you do.


This is why all your meetings are disasters

Meetings have a bad reputation, and it’s not unwarranted: 65% of senior managers said meetings keep them from completing their own work, and 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient.


Being lucky, persistent and pushy: Musings from the entrepreneurial journey

How do you demonstrate your worth? Quantify your success through relevant stats/metrics and share stories of how you overcome obstacles. Then, you don’t need luck. The deck is already stacked in your favor.

Career Advice

How to make a long term career plan actually work

When we use the resume as the end, rather than a means to an end, 10 years down the line we’ll be left with a nice-looking piece of paper asking ourselves “where am I?”


10 unmistakable habits of utterly authentic people

To be your authentic self, you must own your actions and ensure that they align with your beliefs and needs.


7 productivity hacks for when you don’t sleep a wink

There’s nothing more taxing — or overwhelming — than attempting to get through your workday when you’re exhausted. Before your boss catches you napping in your cubicle, read these tips on how to maintain steam at the office, no sleep required.


Arianna Huffington on sleep, burnout culture and a new FOMO

For National Sleep Day, we spoke to Arianna Huffington what companies can do to help their employees' sleep habits, and her company Thrive's new app.


Here’s how to leave work on time — every time

It may seem impossible to take back control of your workday, but there are research-backed tips on how to leave work on time in a professional manner. Here's how.


6 essential tips for keeping track of time while you travel

When traveling for work, you may be off your regular clock, but there is still a clock. Here's how to pay attention to it when you travel.